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One of the most meaningful aspects of the KMS Annual Meeting (#KMS2017) is the hearing from our physician members, through the Members Forum. This year was no exception. During the September 9 meeting, members provided their perspectives on important issues impacting Kansas physicians.

One of the most meaningful aspects of the KMS Annual Meeting (#KMS2017) is the hearing from our physician members, through the Members Forum. This year was no exception. During the September 9 meeting, members provided their perspectives on important issues impacting Kansas physicians.

Pharmacist Prescribing

Pharmacist Prescribing

Members discussed the current practice of drug therapy management allowed by pharmacists who are working with physicians through collaborative practice agreements. Some pharmacists have asserted that collaborative practice agreements are too restrictive and patients would be better served by pharmacist prescribing. Members reported concerns about disrupting collaborative practice agreements and allowing pharmacists to supplant the role of the physician. There was unanimous agreement that collaborative practice agreements are helpful to patients and allow both providers to address the needs of patients in a team-like fashion.

Maintenance of Certification

Maintenance of Certification

Extensive comments were received regarding the benefit of MOC. Many physicians reported that MOC imposed significant new requirements and costs on busy physicians with little to show as positive outcomes. The AMA was recommended as a source for policy and strategies regarding MOC as well as partnership with other state medical societies and specialty societies seeking responsiveness from ABMS. State legislation was discussed as a potential strategy to prevent the inappropriate use of MOC that would restrict a physicians’ ability to practice. KMS is actively engaged in the MOC issue at the state and federal levels.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

The question posed to KMS Membership was whether its current policy should change regarding the use of medical marijuana. Currently, KMS policy opposes the use of marijuana for medical purposes due to lack of FDA approval and scientific evidence of medical efficacy. Several physicians indicated that while they are not personally or philosophically opposed to marijuana if it has proven medical use, both scientific research, evidence and training will be necessary before there is support for legalizing cannabis for medical use.

Physician Burnout and Wellness

Physician Burnout/Wellness

Research was shared that indicated an increase in the number of US physicians who report symptoms of burnout. One of the most recent reports indicate that 54% of practicing physicians display one or more symptoms of burnout. Numerous physicians provided factors that contribute to physician burnout and one physician reported that research indicates women physicians experience burnout at a higher rate than their male colleagues.

Opiod/Pain Management

Opioid/Pain Management

A number of physicians acknowledged the current opioid challenge within Kansas and the challenge of balancing the need/duty to treat a patient’s pain while not inadvertently creating a physical dependency for opioid based prescriptions. There was common agreement that K-TRACS was a valuable tool for physicians. Several physicians cited the need for additional physician education on the issues of opioid addiction and effective pain management strategies. Lastly, several KMS members urged KMS to discourage legislative interference in the patient-physician relationship as it pertains to pain management.

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According to @amermedicalassn, "...each weekday, physicians spent an average of 5.9 hrs out of an 11.4-hr workday working in the #EHR."
KMS members Kim Templeton MD & Anne Walling MD are researching the challenges faced by senior women physicians #WIM
National Suicide Prevention Week is September 11-16. Learn about the warning signs. #NSPW
"60% of those who use SoMe say they are most likely to trust content created by physicians over any other group"
Congratulations Michael Munger MD--new president of @aafp & a proud @KansasAFP member! Have a great term. @msquared279 #aafpcod #kansasproud
Our 2017-2018 Board of Trustees has taken office; each one of these physicians is a dedicated volunteer leader.
Tonight, physicians all over our state will hear an important message: you can love medicine again. #KaMMCO @StarlaFitchMD
Looking forward to hearing @StarlaFitchMD discuss remedies to physician burnout at tomorrow's #KaMMCO Fall Program.
#KMS2017 was a success! Great to see so many Kansas physicians & hear them dialogue about issues impacting medicine in our state.
Thank you @FrankSesno for sharing your expertise at #KMS2017. Your comments were thoughtful, challenging & informative.
At #KMS2017, we just heard our keynote speaker @franksesno comment on the power of stories & the value of asking ot…
Question from @franksesno to physicians at #KMS2017: how do electronic medical records improve or hinder your patient interactions?
"We should change Q&A to Q&L. L is for listening." @franksesno believes that listening should be our most important skill. #KMS2017
"If we don't ask, we don't know. If we don't listen, we can't understand." Meaningful observation from @franksesno during #KMS2017.
Congratulations to Jen McKenney MD. She has joined the KMS Board as the Jimmie A. Gleason Leadership Award fellow. @jenbacmck #kammco
Physicians at #KMS2017 are hearing important updates on legislative & practice issues; their feedback helps KMS form effective policy.
Lawrence family physician LaDona Schmidt, MD is now KMS President-elect; she'll become President in 2019. @lmhorg #KMS2017 #WIMmonth
Dr. Gilbaugh is officially a Past President & Dr. Gibbs is the newly-installed 2017-2019 KMS President. @docrobbie1 @jaygilbaugh #KMS2017


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