2021 Advocacy Day

Update — January 2021:
Our plans for Advocacy Day hinge, in large part, on the Legislature's plans. We want to be sure that we are meeting at the right time, in the most effective way, and in such a manner that safeguards your health and that of the patients for whom you provide care.

Because the legislative calendar appears likely to be changed, we believe it is most prudent to postpone Advocacy Day to a date to be determined, perhaps in the spring. We will be looking for the best ways to engage you and to help you most effectively advocate given current circumstances.



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The importance of Advocacy Day

These are unprecedented times in many ways. Physicians face challenges that grow and change by the day amid the pandemic. Your priority is your patients’ wellbeing—our priority is to ensure that can continue, unencumbered by a constantly changing state policy landscape. KMS advocates for Kansas physicians so that your focus can stay with your patients.

Our elected policymakers are ever changing. Our advocacy must be constant.

KMS was founded in 1859 to ensure the practice of medicine is properly regulated and remains in the hands of physicians. The practice of medicine is significantly shaped by policy at the state level. To the elected lawmakers in Kansas, KMS is your voice—a powerful, united voice of organized medicine in our state.

Advocacy is ongoing. KMS works year-round ensuring lawmakers are well educated on issues that affect the practice of medicine.

We hope you’ll join us for this special event to see firsthand how we advocate on your behalf—as well as to speak directly with legislative leadership and your own elected officials.


The KMS Advocacy Day serves a number of other purposes:

    • Opportunity to network and socialize with your peers from across the state.
    • Chance to participate in a workgroup to become engaged with KMS policymaking.
    • Chance to meet with your Specialty Society during special breakout meetings.

Kansas Specialty Societies

For the safety of attendees, these are among the precautions to be taken at Advocacy Day:

  • We plan to schedule smaller groups of attendees in a number of shifts, according to specialty society affiliation, instead of having one large mass gathering.
  • Meeting rooms will be thoroughly sanitized between shifts, following CDC recommendations.
  • Meeting rooms will be limited to 10-20% capacity in order to maximize social distancing. Seating will be arranged for one attendee per table, each positioned such that all attendees are at least 6 feet apart.
  • Masks will be required for all attendees, pursuant to Shawnee County ordinance.
  • Personal hand sanitizer bottles will be provided for each attendee at their own table.
  • Food and other beverages will be available as single servings to avoid attendees congregating in one area.


Date and details to be determined.


Questions? Contact Nancy Sullivan at (785) 235-2383 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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